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I was only talking to friends this morning, with all these terrorist attacks, nowhere is safe, as these people are brainwashed, learn everything from the internet, and can get all they need from basic stores. I’m not saying this is terror related, as it’s likely 99% isn’t, although we seem to be safer in Madeira, we are not immune.

A suspicious bag abandoned in the Machico area of ​​Pico do Facho forced the Public Security Police to isolate the area on Tuesday morning.

According to the Diario, this is a volume of about 20 kilos containing a commercial explosive called ‘gelomonite’, usually used in quarries, already in a state of deterioration.

The alert was given about an hour ago, with PSP barred access to Pico do Facho and mobilized to the local teams of the Nucleus of Arms and Explosives and Inactivation of Explosives.