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Many of you may know I often have a rant about the Camara in Santa Cruz, and the Junta Freguesia in Caniço, especially those who are with me on my Facebook.

Caniço,  Caniço de Baixo and Garajau is the most populated tourist place outside of Funchal, and yet the state of the area is always bad, weeds almost 6 feet high in places, roundabouts look disgusting, and just all very poorly maintained. Where as Santa Cruz where all these people of the Camara probably live in their big houses, always looks immaculate, and always people tending to the gardens, roundabouts and weeds.

So what has the Camara of Santa Cruz got against Caniço de Baixo????

Recently things have improved, new metal rails down at Reis Magos, the front area tidied up a little, roads have been resurface in Caniço and on the way down to Caniço de Baixo, BUT…. The one section of road that needed doing the most going down to the hotels has not been resurfaced, is full of holes and every single tourist staying in Caniço de Baixo has to use this road. Lets not forget these tourists are paying thousands of euros every week now for the Eco Tax also, which is only in the Santa Cruz district, so where is all this money going?????

Some photos I have taken of the state of the road still waiting to be resurfaced, and it continues to where the 155 bus terminates.


As I mentioned roads have been resurface in the area, and these have just been left with no white line marking for almost 2 months now, so maybe if anyone has any spare white paint, could they drop it to the Camara at Santa Cruz, and we vmight see some white lines painted soon, Otherwise I might have to make a collection for them as maybe the eco tax is not enough money for them……