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Nine of the 16 people hospitalized in the hospital of Funchal following the fall of a tree were discharged and seven remained hospitalized, one of them in intensive care, hospital said today.

According to Miguel Reis, deputy director of the Health Service of the Autonomous Region of Madeira, people who remain hospitalized have multiple fractures.

Among the seven internees, five are adults, one of whom is of French nationality, and two are children, he added.

Regarding the 13 dead, Miguel Reis said that, eight are female and five male, aged between 28 and 59 years and a child one year.

As for nationalities, there are two foreign women: one French and one Hungarian.

The fall of a tree, an oak, overlooking the gardens of Largo da Fonte in the parish of Monte, reached dozens of people who concentrated in that place for the festivities of the Festa do Monte, in honour of the patron saint of the island, moments before the procession.

The party was later cancelled by the organizers.

The President of the Republic, Marcelo Rebelo de Sousa, also went to Madeira to express his support.


Diogo Camacho a regional figure and popular photographer of the automobile world, and his 15 month old baby are among the dead. All of our thoughts go out to his family, and so sad for the mother to have the two most precious things in her life ripped away in just a few seconds, it breaks my heart, and I have no words to explain how I feel, the angels have them wrapped up safe now.