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Thanks to Christine for sending me this.

We have smoke in the air this morning where we live in Curral das Freiras and a slight bit of ash has fallen.

It began in the area of ​​Pau Formoso, in the Curral das Freiras, and did not stop moving overnight until the Pico do Ferão.

The fire that has already consumed a considerable area of ​​vegetation is difficult to access for the Volunteer Firefighters of Câmara de Lobos, which at the moment is the corporation that is on the ground with three men controlling the flames.

The area is difficult to reach and is far from dwellings, but it is visible the great cloud of smoke that is slaughtered on this locality.

It should be remembered that the fire broke out yesterday afternoon at 4:00 p.m.

This is one of three fires that started yesterday on the island, the others were in São Martinho, and Ribeira Brava, these two were brought under control.