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There are 4 flights trying to land at the moment at the airport, if things don’t improve its going to be a very problematic evening as there are many more flights due in.

This translated from JM

The regional secretary of Economy, Tourism and Culture, Eduardo Jesus, sensitized the airlines today to the programming of the reinforcement of its operations for Madeira, aiming and as can be read in the letter sent “the fastest and most effective Disposal of passengers who are still being held at Madeira Airport – Cristiano Ronaldo, as well as the arrival of new passengers to the destination.

The governor reaffirms that the inconveniences and constraints associated with the inoperability of this infrastructure, due to the strong winds that have been felt for three days, have only been minimized thanks to “the commitment and collaboration of all public and private entities and , The use of airport and port infrastructures in Madeira and Porto Santo ‘.

In this collective effort, which results in the benefit of the people affected, but also, and naturally, in favor of the image of destiny, the Regional Secretary responsible for tourism and transport in the Region therefore appeals to the airlines responsible for most movements So that ‘the possibility of extraordinary flights, possibly on larger aircraft, may be made available so that, as quickly as possible, the response to passengers is best felt in addition to the alternatives that have come To be found at other levels and counting on the involvement of all “.

“The response to passengers has been a priority right from the outset”, and we hope that airlines will “be able to join this joint solution”, he concludes.

It is recalled that the forecasts point to normality return to Madeira Airport – Cristiano Ronaldo, from tomorrow until next Wednesday