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Lots of news this last week about the ferry returning next spring, although we still do not know who will get the contract.

This news was in the press today and if its true its good news for all.

The ferry that will connect the port of Funchal to the mainland will have very competitive prices compared to those practiced in the airline, according to the press release of JM today. The price will always be below 100 euros, in the option of a seat, whether resident, student or non-resident. Those who choose the stateroom option will, of course, have to shell out a larger amount. This is good news for both the resident Madeira residents and the Portuguese on the continent who have long planned to visit the Region, for example during the Christmas season, but can not do so because of the astronomical values ​​that arrive at that time. For them, the prices considered will vary between 55 and 80 euros, according to the season, in the option of chair, assured the JM a source of the Regional Secretary of Economy, Tourism and Culture. For residents, prices will range from 25 euros, for low season and high season prices the price will be 30 euros, per route, in the option of chair. Children up to three years old are exempt from paying any amount for this sea connection and for passengers between three and 11 years old, reductions are expected for half the normal table. In the case of the students, prices go down slightly compared to the price of a resident. The trip, by route, will cost between 20 and 25 euros (in the option of chair and according to the season). For those who choose to travel by stateroom, the value will vary between 27 and 90 euros.

So I don’t want any of you to hold your breath, but the news does sound promising, so lets just cross our fingers for now….