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The former Hotel Gorgulho, on the Lido, opens its doors to the public on September 1st of this year, totally refurbished, in an investment estimated at 6 million euros, the owner Carlos Pereira confirmed to FN.

Known as the Tile Hotel, due to the traditional blue tiles used on the building, the four-star hotel reopens under its new name, “Tiles”. A tribute to the tradition of the property.

Carlos Pereira delegates the hotel exploration of the project to “Amusing Projects”, the same one that manages the Hotel do Paul do Mar and that administered the Choupana Hills.

“Old but new”, this is how Carlos Pereira looks at this hotel that has the particularity of being implanted in a prime tourist area. “We proceeded to a total remodelling but maintaining the traditional look. If there was no such investment, the hotel would have to close because of its age, “said Carlos Pereira.

The purchase of the hotel by Carlos Pereira of  Grupo Sousa. At the time, it caused some surprise because the buyer was more focused on other business areas. However, FN Carlos Pereira clarifies that tourism was always an area that fascinated him, where, incidentally, began working with 14 years of age in the former Hotel Savoy. After that, he had other hotel experiences, such as working in an inn in São Vicente and being connected to the Bravasol project in Ribeira Brava. After his father’s death, he decided to pursue other business areas such as inert mining, fuels, vocational training and sport. The renovation of the Hotel Gorgulho was an opportunity to return to investment in hotels and contribute to the development of Madeira with a quality offer.

The hotel unit will employ 60 workers, with some continuing the functions they already had since the previous administration.

The Madeira businessman Manuel Fernandes, who celebrated in the continent with the restaurant “The Madeirense”, also opens on September 1, a restaurant on the neighbouring land by the hotel, facing the Monumental Road. The investment will be called “Madeirense Café” and is also seen as an added value for the refurbished hotel and for the Region.

Faced with some criticism that it is invading public areas or going beyond the defined limits, Carlos Pereira reacts in these terms: “This investment was licensed and executed without exceeding one meter of its legal index. We know, however, that to speak evil, some always appear, but everything is licensed and in accordance with the law.

Not really sure how anything the Group Sousas do is within law, whenever they are mentioned the word corruption seems to go hand in hand with the name.