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The TV host Jorge Gabriel has complained about TAP and the few flights and very expensive flights to Prto Santo, where he has his home.

The outburst from the presenter which is below translated to English, was published on his blog with the title “Its a shame”


The passion he has for the Madeira Autonomous Region is known, more specifically for Porto Santo, where he has a home. But this time, without losing his affection for the golden island, Jorge Gabriel left a series of repairs to TAP’s service to Porto Santo.

“Here I am on my way to Porto Santo, for my desired vacation! And in this wait between airplanes, I find myself thinking about a subject that costs me so much and that revolts so many people: The few, and expensive, very expensive, flights to the golden island! “, Begins by writing the television presenter.

“Our TAP is not very much our friend. Is it lack of competition? TAP is the only airline that flies to Porto Santo. And so, our life is complicated. There are no flights all year round. There is only when they understand. There are only flights from Lisbon. Two years ago they ended up flying from Porto. Flights, tell yourself, were always full! “He says.

“I’ve lived in Porto for a few years now, so I know they were full because it was there that they picked up the flight before they cancelled it. Now, it’s a nuisance. Fly to Lisbon, then fly to Porto Santo! Then comes the worst part. Yes, much worse: the prices. A flight to Porto Santo, depending on the time of year, costs more than 300 € … We are talking about an internal flight, my lords !!! Sometimes promotions appear in travel agencies, with flight and hotel packages, which take more into account than just purchasing the flight. How is it possible ??? “, says Gabriel.

“For those who have a house there, or for those who prefer to rent a house instead of the usual hotel vacations, the values ​​are exorbitant. It was important to reverse this situation. A paradise here so close … and it’s impossible to go there for a weekend, or a week out of summer, or a few days off the calendar. 1: 30h flight from the mainland, an internal flight, is impossible to take advantage of. Often more expensive than going abroad. Promoting tourism in our country, this is difficult, “he says.

And leave a plea: “If there were more airlines flying to the golden island … I’m sure the values ​​would be nicer. That is why one often hears the phrase “the problem of TAP is that it has no competition. If he did, he would not do anything! “Is that really the problem? Something has to change so that we can enjoy this paradise better. Lords of TAP, rethink this situation. The golden island needs people, and people need to get there. With more flights and less costs, “it ends.