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Many passengers on Scheduled flights have been told that there wont be more flights till next week.

The wind on the island has cancelled 101 flights and affected almost 15,000 people, being one of the busiest months of the year, you can see the problems with flights and lack of seats on aircraft.

I have also been hearing form people who cant find places to stay as everywhere is full, and others paying up to 450.00 a night for a hotel, with BA only putting 200.00 towards this.

Stefan sent me this message just now

Hi Tobi,

I read the series of articles on the airport problems and wanted to tell you our story.

We made an attempt to fly with Lufthansa from Frankfurt on Saturday. The captain turned around approx. 50 km before Porto Santo still on cruise altitude and diverted to Lisbon where we stayed for hours before getting back to Frankfurt. After a night in a hotel we started again on Sunday and after just one aborted approach (the wind direction was apparently just 10 degrees off limits) we diverted to Porto Santo. Here we waited until we were told that the flight would return to Frankfurt – again! Most of the passengers left the plane there being on their own to find accomodation and a way to get to Funchal. Some 60 passengers stayed on board as we were told that there would be another flight to Porto Santo the next day (Monday) with a ferry boat to get to Madeira. But as we arrived in Frankfurt after travelling 12000 km for nothing Lufthansa representatives told us that there would be no other flight.
At the counter we were told there would be no alternative flights before Thursday for our group of nine.
Now we are booked on a Condor flight on Thursday spending our vacation not as expected and hopefully we’ll make it then.

I’ve been reading your blog for a few months and noticed the airport problems but never imagined being stuck in the middle of the havoc with two families and a total of nine people.

I can only imagine how it must be for the people on Madeira waiting for our plane to get there to fly off the island. I hope they have been cared for as well.


P.S. Adding insult to injury my brother’s luggage (4 out of 5  pieces) was accidentally unloaded in Lisbon and now they’re without most of their items and hope to get their bags by Thursday.