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Rui Barreto showed this Wednesday to the media an example of mismanagement of public investments made with tax money from all taxpayers and that after completion continue without any use.

One of the cases, says the CDS candidate to the Câmara do Funchal, is the so-called dual water network – a system that allows the city of Funchal to be supplied with water for domestic consumption, but also for general uses such as irrigation of gardens and small gardens and Washes – investment in the order of 10 million and 400 thousand euros, which facilitates irrigation water at lower costs and saves treated water.

It is a modern system of water management, its installation involved a vast renovation of the networks in the eastern sector of the city, developed in an area of ​​140 hectares, 18 kilometers of irrigation network were installed and three large Reservoirs.

It was one of these reservoirs, which is empty, located underneath the Boa Nova viaduct, that Rui Barreto’s candidacy was to show the media to “regret that an investment of this magnitude and structure for Funchal continues without deserving due attention from Chamber of Funchal and the Regional Government itself.

“An investment of this nature, which is of interest to all the people of Flanders, has to be monetized,” says the CDS-PP candidate, who raises two questions for which he expects answers: “Why ARM (Madeira’s wastewater) Does not supply the network, so that the inhabitants of Funchal can contract with the Câmara do Funchal to supply this water? Why has the Mayor of Funchal not yet applied to ARM for this entity to supply the reservoirs so that it can provide water to the interested residents? ”

Rui Barreto was accompanied by Pedro Araújo, candidate of CDS-PP to the Parish Council of Santa Maior, other members of the candidacy and “number two” to CMF, Luis Miguel Rosa.

Taken from DN