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Totally love this new image for Brisa soft drinks.

Translation from DN

Brisa has a new image and a new bottle, giving new life to the brand of soft drinks produced in Madeira.

The BRISA soft drinks, created in 1970, changed its identifying image after 15 years, introducing a strong rejuvenation in the logo of the brand. At the same time, a new bottle is introduced for the various fruit flavours of BRISA, passion fruit, apple and orange, with greater amount of refrigerant. Now the new bottle has 36 cl of quantity while the previous one, smaller, has 33 cl. “More BREEZE with the same flavour as ever” is the idea launched through this regional innovation.

In order to check the changes, as well as to learn about ECM’s new investments related to exports, the President of the Regional Government of Madeira visited Madeira Beer Company, accompanied by the Regional Secretary for Economy, Tourism and Culture.

Miguel Albuquerque and Eduardo Jesus visited the new facilities and new equipment, completed by ECM and supported by FDI within its program of incentives for innovation, and which aim to improve methods of beer production, mainly for export to distant markets such as China and Japan.

Miguel de Sousa, representing ECM, gave a detailed presentation of the economic activity of ECM, now celebrating 145 years since its founders started brewing beer and soft drinks.

The Beer Company of Madeira has 270 employees with a labour relationship and 50 in an outsourcing regime. It pays ten million taxes and annual fees, as still paid to public entities, more than one million euros for services provided to ECM.

In 2016, ECM marketed more than 35 million litres of beverages, with emphasis on beer, soft drinks and water.