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The suspect Emiliano Freitas Martins will appear in court this afternoon police have confirmed.

The suspect shot both his sister and mother at point blank range with a shot gut to the head killing them instantly, he also shot his father to the head, who is in intensive care with a great deal of dis-figuration to the face.

The family are emigrants living in France and are over here on holiday, it seems an argument about the family house brought on this awful crime.

The nephew was the first to discover what had happened, the 51-year-old mother’s body was lifeless in a room with a hole in her forehead and a bloody face. In the other room, the nephew discovered the corpse of his grandmother, the right side of her face almost undone. Beside him, his grandfather fought for life despite the serious injury to the skull near the right eye socket. The two women’s deaths were confirmed on the spot. The 78-year-old man was assisted by EMIR and evacuated to the Dr. Nélio Mendonça hospital, being hospitalized under a rather reserved prognosis.

Although it is unknown at the moment, the whereabouts of the murder weapon, the traces of blood found in the suspect’s clothes, make Emídio Martins, son and brother of the victims, the main suspect of the crime committed in a presumed frame of revenge.