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According to information that Funchal News had access to, Tap left on it’s first flight yesterday morning with ten seats available. The same was happening throughout the day. The phenomenon, at a time of cancellation of flights and with so many people trying to arrive or leave the island, is curious. Are people unavailable for travel or fear got hold of the passengers?

Meanwhile, tomorrow in the Portuguese capital, at the National Civil Aviation Authority (ANAC) a working group will study the wind limits for landings and take-offs at Madeira Airport.

As is well known, Madeira Airport, certified for the landing of commercial aircraft of all types, with the exception of the Airbus A380, has suffered the effects of crusaders several times and its special characteristics oblige companies to have certified commanders special.

Some companies and pilots disagree with the current wind limits. They understand that they can be increased. A question that is leaving some restless, including political parties, despite the apologists, who argue that the previous wind limits referred to the time in which the track was 1,600 meters of extension, instead of the present 2.780 meters.