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The armillary, a fungus that attacks the trees, especially the roots, may have been responsible for the fall of the oak that killed 13 people yesterday in Largo da Fonte, Monte.

Rocha da Silva, a former regional director of Forests, was there and says the tree is “rotten” and believes that an analysis of the soil and oak should allow him to conclude that it was attacked by a fungus. “If we did analysis we will find armory, certainly,” he says.

The forestry engineer says that a regular ground analysis would have made it possible to detect the disease and test the tree could indicate that it would be rotten. “When we hit the trunk, a healthy tree has a certain sound and a rotten tree like that has another,” he says.

Rocha da Silva regrets that the care of the gardens is only at the level of flowers and that a regular monitoring of the trees is not done.

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