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News is just coming in of a triple murder in Santana.

A couple and there daughter have been killed, this is a breaking story, but at the moment it seems a relative has carried out the murder and is on the run.

Firefighters, rapid emergency medical teams as well as agents from the public security police are all at the scene.

I will update this post as more news comes in so check back here.

This is a translation from DN

The PSP detained early in the morning a 53-year-old man suspected of the double homicide that killed his mother and sister at Colmo’s Santana site.

According to what the DAILY has learned, the crime was committed with a firearm (shotgun) at around midnight, and the man fatally shot his mother and sister while they slept.

The father was also struck and was seriously injured with his face partially undone and was currently hospitalized in the Intensive Care Unit of the Hospital Dr. Nélio Mendonça under a very reserved prognosis.

As soon as the case was denounced PSP mobilized a strong police contingent formed by a team of BIR and agents of criminal investigation of the squares of Santana and of Machico once the individual was armed, being able to locate it soon after.

The alleged murderer has already been handed over to the competent authorities, which is under the custody of the Judicial Police.

The motive of crime is not fully understood. However, according to the Diario, the suspect, a former emigrant, has acted for motives related to the sharing of property.