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Domingos Perestrelo have share photos on their facebook page, of trees that have been cut down around the Church at Ponta Delgada, a head of this weekends festival.

This has caused a bit of a storm, and people are asking “why have the tress been cut”, “are they going to cut all tress in Madeira”, “Are these the next trees to be cut” with an image of the ancient trees in Fanal.

From the photos you can see that most the trunks are hollow, so is something destroying them? Were they really not safe?? It will be very sad to see more and more tress go.

We have lost many of our palm trees to the palm beetle from the Canaries, including Calheta which had all its trees cut down, after one fell in the street.

Thanks to Maggie for sending me this article. Is a hollow tree dangerous?