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Strong winds are forecast from the 5th – 8th August, so this is very likely to affect air travel on these days.

Airports Madeira has already put the warning on its Facebook Page.

ANA Aeroportos de Portugal informs all passengers that, due to the weather forecast expected from 05th to 08th of August, the air traffic operations, during this period, may be affected.
For this reason ANA recommends previous confirmation of flights directly with the airline Contact Center, Tour operators or travel agencies, before heading to Madeira Airport.

This is a translation from DN

In a strategy of anticipation “which is expected to be agreed among all”, the Regional Secretary for Economy, Tourism and Culture appealed this Thursday to the entire tourism sector and ACIF for the need to prepare an articulated response that, In the face of adverse weather forecasts that will affect Madeira Airport – Cristiano Ronaldo, between the afternoon of this Saturday, August 5 and Tuesday, August 8, avoid situations that have recently occurred in this infrastructure, and Passengers and the image of the destination.

In the letters sent, the Regional Secretary supervised by Eduardo Jesus warns, on the one hand, and concretely, in the case of hotel units, for the need to be addressed, in a timely manner, reception solutions and greater support to passengers through the use of rooms Which, being vacant, will not be filled again. In the case of Travel Agencies, the Regional Government requests that, in permanent liaison with ANA – Aeroportos de Portugal, there is the capacity to inform and clarify the passengers with flights scheduled in this period, for the possibility of altering them, facilitating , With that, the support and the communication with those who will be affected.

A reinforced awareness of the path of the Commercial and Industrial Association of Funchal, whose guardianship hopes “the best attention, understanding and intervention with its Associates”.

“Contrary to what happened last week, we have the opportunity, on this occasion, to anticipate and prepare a better response that will dignify us, as a tourist region that affirms itself, nationally and internationally, for its hospitality and capacity to receive”, can read In the letters sent, quoted in a press release by the Regional Secretariat for Economy, Tourism and Culture.

In practice, the Regional Secretary emphasizes, “it is essential that this anticipation favors the meeting of an effective response and direct support that, while safeguarding the interests of our tourists, simultaneously assures the image and the good name of the entire regional tourism sector And, of course, Madeira, as a whole. ”