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The yacht ‘Yersin’ docked at 10.15 this morning at Funchal Port, coming from the Balearic Islands.

It is recalled that this ship is initiating a series of oceanographic expeditions, sponsored by the Principality of Monaco, which will last for three years.

The first of these expeditions will take place in Macaronesia, which includes Madeira and other islands of the Atlantic. It is within this ambit that Prince Albert II of Monaco arrives in Funchal in the first week of September, and must participate in various initiatives with Madeiran entities. One of them will be the opening of an exhibition at the Museum of Natural History of Funchal on oceanographic research organized by his great-grandfather, Prince Albert I of Monaco (great-grandfather of the current sovereign), at the end of the century. XIX and beginning of the century. XX in the seas of Macaronesia.

In the next two weeks, the Yersin yacht will make visits to the Desertas Islands and the Selvagens.