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Taken from JM, Tourists ask why the fires are not being tackled from above.

Tourists watched this afternoon, next to the Pousada dos Vinháticos, the evolution of the fire. To JM, they asked the reason for the absence of air assets.

Why not use aerial means to combat this fire? The question was asked to the JM reporting team by a group of French tourists who watched the fire at the Pousada dos Vinháticos.

Faced with the explanation that a study has been made and that next year it will be possible to use aerial means, tourists warn the obvious: but this year there are fires.

The reaction of astonishment was common this afternoon before the impossibility of bringing vehicles or men to the places where the fire devours the forest spot.

The fire started yesterday, in Ribeira da Tabua and developed along the slopes of the Paul da Serra.

At the site, there are seven fire departments with more than 40 men.