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A straight translation from the DN

The Avenue of the Sea ends tomorrow, between 9.30 and 13 hours, to traffic to welcome sporting activities and street animation for everyone.

The event ‘Mobi Open Day: Funchal em Boa Forma’, integrated in the Week of Mobility ’17, promises to fill the Avenue of the Sea and the Madeiran Communities with life and colour.

Throughout the morning, the Avenue of the Sea will be full of sports activities and entertainment for children, especially a bicycle school, traffic circuit, inflatables, face painting, athletics, street skating, dances and inclusive games geared towards people disabilities.

Without cars, without pollution, a lot of human experience and the possibility of enjoying an emblematic space of the city of Funchal in a fun and different way is the invitation that the Municipality of Funchal (CMF) does to all citizens.

For those who do not know how to ride a bicycle, there will be an opportunity to learn, with the support of instructors for this purpose. Arriaga Avenue will be able to visit the exhibition of electric and hybrid vehicles and the exhibition of ‘Urban Mobility of Funchal: Past, Present and Future’.

It should be noted that this second day ends with a performance by the band ‘The Grumpies’, at 18 hours.

On Monday, the conference ‘Urban Mobility in Funchal: What City Do We Want?’ which marks the third day of the Funchal 2017 Mobility Week, which will take place in the Assembly Hall of the Funchal City Hall in the morning.

In recent years, European guidelines have warned of the emergence of municipalities rethinking urban planning by integrating issues of sustainable mobility.

Concerning the city of Funchal, CMF has taken an active role in the field of mobility and transport through the implementation of inclusive and universal actions and participation in international projects that have contributed to the minimization of the effects of road traffic, in which emissions of pollutants and noise.

As a space for reflection and debate open to the public, this conference will bring together experts and professionals that will cover relevant themes, in particular the presentation of the Action Plan for Urban Mobility in Funchal and the importance of urban logistics in the management of flows of goods and services.