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The Azores will send until the end of the year 19,000 trees of different species to reforest wooded areas of Madeira devastated by the fires that occurred in 2016, announced today by the Regional Secretary of Agriculture and Forestry  Anabela Isidoro.

Among the species are oaks and walnuts, which are expected to arrive in Madeira by sea in November, “the right time to make plantations. It is a gesture of solidarity and cooperation, we want to help our neighbouring archipelago regenerate the forest areas that have been devastated by fires,” Anabela Isidoro said in the same note.

Today a technician from the Institute of Forests and Nature Conservation of Madeira arrives on the island of São Miguel for a visit to exchange experiences and knowledge about techniques and equipment used in the Azores, for example for the production of endemic plants.

The fires that hit the island of Madeira in August 2016 mainly affected the municipality of Funchal , where three people died and where damages in real estate and public structures were valued at 61 million euros. About 22% of the county area burned.

Taken from RTPM