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A straight translation from DN

A bottle of Terrantez 1795 wine from Companhia Vinícola da Madeira was recently auctioned for 6,650 euros on Catawiki (www.catawiki.pt), the fastest growing internet auction site.

Terrantez represents a variety of wine from the Portuguese island of Madeira that is in danger of extinction. “It is said that this variety was taken to the volcanic archipelago of Madeira by the first explorers. In the past, some wine commentators have suggested that it was the same variety of Folgasão, but modern ampelographic research refutes this theory. Terrantez is a rare breed and, at the moment, is almost extinct, hence the high value for which this bottle was auctioned, “they explain on the part of Catawiki.

Due to the fact that Terrantez vineyards produce few grapes of high quality, the cultivation of vines represents a significantly higher investment than the more resistant and high yielding varieties. It is a rare and prestigious vineyard, where it is increasingly difficult to find vintage editions such as this one, which is why it is much sought after by collectors and wine investors.

Madeira wines and Port wines represent two of the most sought-after wine categories on the Catawiki auction platform, and in the past two years more than 6,500 wines have been auctioned representing the Portuguese identity.

Among the Portuguese wines currently auctioned are rarities such as a 1937 Niepoort Port, a 1947 Messiah’s Harbor, and a 1930’s Boal Solera Madeira Wine Bottle. Every week, Catawiki conducts Port Wine auctions and Sweet Wines, which include some of the rarest specimens sought by collectors.