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The Ribeira Brava Volunteer Firefighters received the alert of a fire front in a forest area of ​​Ribeira da Tabua at 00h27 on Wednesday.

Almost at dawn, at 05:50, with the fire still uncontrolled, they requested the collaboration of the Madeirenses Volunteer Firefighters (BVM) who sent a fire fighting vehicle. In addition to the two vehicles set to the flames, after a second request for help as early as Wednesday morning, the BVM are preparing to proceed to the site with another car, as the fire has not yet been controlled.

At the site are seven elements of Ribeira Brava Firefighters with a tank, but the corporation has already called the prevention team to unite in the fight against the flames. There are also two elements of the ranger, POCIF team, and the Madeiran Volunteer Firefighters, as referred to. Câmara de Lobos Volunteer Firefighters were also supporting with a tank.

Thanks to Gary for sending in this photo of the fire above Tábua.

During the night, the men fought yet another fire front in S. Paulo, above Ribeira Brava,  but this one was quickly brought under control.