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This is a translation from  the Jornal Madeira.

Firefighters from four corporations in Madeira are fighting a forest fire that began in Ribeira da Tabua, Ribeira Brava county, and spread to the mountains of Paul da Serra, a local fire brigade source said.

According to the same source, “the fire is forest and does not threaten houses”, being involved tonight (00:30) in the firefighting means of the corporations of Ribeira Brava, Calheta, Volunteers Madeirenses and Sapadores of Funchal, in a total of more than a dozen vehicles and about 30 firefighters.

The Ribeira Brava corporation is involved in fighting fire five vehicles and fourteen elements, supported by two cars and four firefighters from Calheta.

From Funchal were sent two heavy vehicles and seven firemen of the Sapadores of Funchal and means of the Volunteers Madeirenses that despite the contacts made by Lusa could not be counted.

This fire began at dawn on Wednesday and was considered “in the aftermath” at the end of the afternoon, according to information from the regional health secretariat of Madeira, which oversees the Regional Civil Protection Service of the archipelago, but eventually spread to the area of ​​Paúl da Serra, in Bica da Cana.