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A straight translation from the DN

As it happened last August, the phones of the Hospital of the Marmeleiros returned today to be in operational, making difficult the operation of that health unit.

It is well known that in addition to the several people who have tried to contact this hospital, the employees of Dr. Nélio Mendonça Hospital are also having serious difficulties in establishing this telephone contact to ensure patient transportation.

It should be recalled that during the previous month the DIARIO requested clarification from SESARAM about the same situation, which clarified that “the technical malfunction of the telephone exchange in the Marmeleiros was due to the replacement of the damaged power supply” and was already being targeted by ” technical intervention by the telecommunications company responsible for the provision of this service, in collaboration with SESARAM’s computer engineers. ”

“To overcome the situation, until the normal operation of the telephone exchange was restored, an alternative communication circuit was created through the availability of mobile phones through the floors / services of Hospital dos Marmeleiros,” he added

We the terrible state the hospital is in, the Government should be looking at getting the builders in or pulling it down, and giving its people something a little better