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The M3A have sent me this text about what they do on Madeira, if anyone interested in joining up then please use the links below.

Are you a new arrival on the island of Madeira, or perhaps just wish to extend your circle of friends here?  If so, and whether your time here be of a permanent, semi-permanent or even temporary nature, you may wish to take advantage of what the M3A can offer.


M3A is the Madeiran version of the UK-based charity U3A, which stands for University of the Third Age.  Not a ‘university’ as we would understand it today – but in the original sense of the word it is people coming together to share and pursue special interests in all their forms.  The local U3As can be described as self-help, self-managed learning co-operatives.  Members share learning and leisure experiences in a wide range of special interest groups.  No qualifications are needed to be part of a U3A and there are no accreditations, assessments or qualifications to be gained.  For further information of the UK organisation see www.u3a.org.uk.

The “University” is open to all the English speaking community of Madeira whatever their age, nationality or background.  It gives you the opportunity of meeting people from all walks of life, making new friendships and sharing the interests, skills and knowledge you have acquired with others in a variety of interest groups.

What we provide is much more than just academic stimulation or keeping abreast of modern technology.  There are physical and social activities to be enjoyed, areas of discussion and self-expression and many interesting courses in which to participate.  Now perhaps you have the time to undertake and benefit from new ventures or impart your experiences and talents onto others.

Above all else we feel it gives everyone the chance to become an integral part of the Madeiran community, and the confidence to start a new phase in life surrounded by a network of like minded people.

Among the usual monthly events are a walk with an optional lunch, usually arranged for ‘mid-month’.  There is a Book Club meeting, and two Scrabble meetings at different parts of the island.  Our ‘Discover Madeira’ visits are proving very popular.  At the end of the month, normally the last Friday, there is either a lunch or dinner organised.

All our events are very informal, in terms of dress code, and lack of an ‘agenda’.

Please contact us, and perhaps come along to one of our events, and see if you enjoy our company.

If you then decide to join us, Membership fee is just 5 euros a year, each.  We manage to keep this fee so low due to Members being generous with their time and efforts.