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Casa do Turista in Funchal is under going a 1,000,000 euro investment for 3 new eating experiences.

There will be a new Indian, Italian and Portuguese restaurants in the building, which should be open by the beginning of December.

José Barreto is now part of the new company that will explore the former space of the Casa do Turista, “Sólido Famoso, Lda”, which is also made up of Rui Sousa, Pedro Gomes and Siddiqui. The company is thus composed of 50% of the capital reserved to Indian entrepreneur Siddiqui and José Barreto and 50% to Rui Sousa, Pedro Gomes and Paulo Rodrigues.

“If Café Golden became known as the “corner of the world”, the new complex that will be born in Funchal aims to be “the corner facing the world”, facing the port of Funchal, the space hopes to attract the many cruise liners that visit the Island.