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Yesterday work began on the demolition of the old buildings where fish would arrive and the cold warehouse near the Bay of Câmara de Lobos, in preparation for the construction of the first hotel unit in the historic centre of the city.

If you have been down in Camara de Lobos recently, you would have noticed the new hotel is going at a great pace, it will go under the name of Pestana Churchill Bay, the new hotel unit will have a four-star rating, and the new building set, as set out in the specifications, will have an architectural line and a volume suitable to the entire building complex surrounding the islet of Câmara de Lobos.

According to the municipality, “the concession agreement established between CMCL and Grupo Pestana will last for 50 years, by means of the payment of a rent, which at the end of the concession will allow more than 2.8 million euros to be collected for the coffers of the municipality, and at the end of the concession period the property reverts to the Municipality “.

At this stage of the works, works will be carried out to demolish the current vacant building, and it is expected to be completed next week.