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Thelma has sent me this.

A message from Thelma Teixeira about the Portuguese lessons at the International School:
I have decided to open the classes for the slightly more advanced people who have already had a few classes in Portuguese. Classes will still cost € 5 per hour and probably take place on Mondays and Fridays from 11am to 12pm. The days can be discussed once we get together.

When we split the beginners from the slightly more advanced, we did not have enough students in either class, so now, as I’ve said before, the teacher I have, speaks Portuguese beautifully from the Continent, but does not speak English. I think beginners will need someone who can speak English.

Thelma thinks they have the numbers now to start, but if anyone would like to take part in these lessons, then please go along and enroll Monday morning at 11.30am.