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Prince Albert II of Monaco continues his visit to Madeira and spoke a few moments ago about his visit to Monte, this morning, where he spoke to the media.

“I’m very happy to be here in Madeira. It is very exciting and it was a great day yesterday, to see the plaque dedicated to my great-great-grandfather Alberto I, it was a great honor because Madeira meant a lot to him, “began Alberto II.

He said that there is a “beautiful church” where “we can feel that there is a lot of history and dedication to Ms. Monte”, continuing with the compliments.

“There is so much history in Madeira and I think the great sense of what has been done in the last 13 years, the last time I was here, and to see the changes that have happened, I think here is a place that thinks ahead and has really not only a great history, but a future for the population, “said the prince, before climbing into the toboggan.

Translated from DN