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This was the front page of the Diario today, highlighting the fact that they do not know how many stray animals are on the streets of Madeira.

In the Region, stray animals are out of control. The headline news in this Monday’s issue of the News DIARY states that no entity knows for sure how many animals there are on the street. The president of the Regional Council of Madeira Veterinary Medical Association launches the alert and advocates the creation of groups of volunteers to locate the packs and colonies of dogs and cats. With sterilisation and responsible adoption to follow.

Many of you may know we rescued a cat a couple of years ago, he was in a terrible state, but now is the most loving and affectionate cat we could wish for, We called him Smudge, as his name at the vets “Donald” reminded me to much of a duck….lol

Two weeks ago we took in another cat, Tommy, now renamed Cinza as he is a lovely Grey White colour. He was living in the bushes at Cristo Rei. We had him neutered, and was worried about his eyes, the vet has told us h will need an operation as the skin from he lid is growing on the eyes and he constantly has hair in his eyes, this is the vet at Garajau, next to the pet shop. She didn’t think anyone could do the operation here, and may have o be sent to Lisbon. I have taken Cinza to Vet Madeira today for a second opinion, and the operation is very straight forward and pretty simple, and he is booked in to have this done on Thursday, and back home with us Friday.

So I am going to RANT a bit now, as I am pissed off with the vet at Garajau not knowing this could be done here, and i will be telling her this tomorrow….OH YESSSS…. It seems none of the vets communicate with each other on this very small Island, and could be one of the problems that nothing ever seems to improve with the state of the strays on the Island. If they all got together, even once a year, and had a meeting, also getting involved all the other small charities on the island, I am sure things could improve.

It is a small island, and if everyone joined together helping each other instead of one charity ere, one there, and so on, and more heavy fines given out to people that just dump animals on the streets, cause people know who these people are, and need to speak up. Keep all the small charities that do a great job helping all the animals, but for god sake try to all get together as well, and help each other…. Then the situation might not be such a huge problem.

A few photos of Smudge and Cinza.