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Neil Holland who if you remember wrote a poem about Madeira, which you can see HERE , has been in touch again, and sends the below message.

 just a short story about Madeira and perhaps more importantly the people of Madeira. Last time we were here, and we are back right now in Madeira as I speak, we went into Funchal on the very day we arrived. I noticed a lady gathering a lovely collection of flowers from what had been an exhibition. Did she keep them for herself? No, after all of her trouble she subsequently walked up to my wife and gave them to her, then casually walked away. I felt then, and still feel now, that she was just an ordinary member of the public. I have never forgotten that moment, the flowers stayed in our hotel room for the two weeks of our stay. It shows me how generous people can be. I do not know who this lady was, never will, but all I know is it is very important to me never to forget a simple act of kindness. I hope this video poem says it all.

Through A Poet’s Eyes from Neil William Holland on Vimeo.