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Thelma from the International School of Madeira has sent me and Sam Cox this information for anyone who would like to learn Portuguese.

Portuguese for Foreigners

The Teacher

Very well qualified

15 years of teaching experience

10 years of teaching at the International School of Madeira with excellent results.

From mainland Portugal & has a beautiful, clear continental accent

The Venue

Room 14

The International School of Madeira

The Yellow Door, Calçada do Pico Nº 5,

Beside Museu das Cruzas


Parking: In front of Museu das Cruzas

The Time

11h00 to 12h00 Monday to Friday

Try to make a group of at least 7 and choose your days.


€5 Euros per hour (If 10 or more sign up)


Thelma Armstrong Teixeira    965074322; e-mail: [email protected]

Freddie Teixeira                          962615544

Starting next Monday, 18 September 2017