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I do not do politics, and think all politicians are the same, they look after themselves and the people around them, and fuck the rest of you.

Albuquerque and the PSD had a bad night, and this below is taken from the DN

Paulo Cafôfo, candidate of the Confiança coalition (PS / BE / JPP / PDR / Nós, Cidadãos!) Was re-elected for a second term as mayor of Funchal, with an absolute majority.

Miguel Albuquerque spoke at the headquarters of Rua dos Netos, shortly after Rubina Leal admitted the defeat of his candidacy to the Câmara do Funchal, to thank “all the milantes” and to underline that “we did not reach the results we wanted.”

The President of the Government assured that the Executive will collaborate “institutionally” with all municipalities, because “above all is the welfare of the people.”

Miguel Albuquerque does not admit of “casting mistakes” in the choice of candidates that ended up not being able to maintain the social-democrat power in the case of Ponta do Sol and Ribeira Brava, nor to conquer municipalities where he had strong expectations of victory. “We bet on new teams and ideas,” he said, saying the PSD “continues with four cameras.”

As for the future, the Social Democrat leader said he will continue to govern the region and start preparing for the 2019 regional elections.