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A translated copy from DN

Eduardo Jesus does not leave the Government on his own initiative. And for the sake of clarity, this afternoon went to Quinta Vigia to meet Miguel Albuquerque, who in 2015 invited him to be Secretary of Economy, Tourism and Culture, the verdict that is already public.

“I confirm that I leave, but I did not resign. I was dismissed by the President of the Government “, refers to DN after the remodeling of the XII Regional Government was known.

Eduardo Jesus leaves a portfolio that is now partly in the hands of the all-powerful Pedro Calado (Economy and Transportation) or under the tutelage of Paula Cabaço (Tourism and Culture), by the way until now his collaborator in the investment agency.

The last interview of the ruler to DAILY is seen as a trigger for the withdrawal that was being requested by some economic groups. Referring to the fact that the Sousa Group’s “War” is a sign that times have changed “, regarding the offensive of the OPM, which as the DIARIO revealed in the September 30th issue, brought an action in the Administrative and Fiscal Tribunal of Funchal against Miguel Albuquerque’s ambition to “reduce costs” by altering the model of Madeira’s port operations.

JM explains who is in and who is out.

Miguel Albuquerque signs today a profound remodelling of his executive. Sérgio Marques, Eduardo Jesus and Rui Gonçalves leave. Enter Pedro Calado, Paula Cabaço and Amílcar Gonçalves.

It is a profound governmental change that was operated today by Miguel Albuquerque. Of one settled only, the president of the Regional Government changes three secretaries. The remodelling includes the election of a vice-presidency, which is occupied by Pedro Calado, also responsible for political coordination, and the creation of a Regional Secretariat for public works, which is with Amílcar Gonçalves. The executive also has another woman: Paula Cabaço, who had been removed from the IBTAM, now returns through the big door and will occupy the Secretariat of Tourism and Culture, areas that accumulate with that of Parliamentary Affairs.

The new cast leaves Rui Gonçalves, who had already asked to leave the Secretariat of Finance and Public Administration immediately after the elections, Sérgio Marques, who was the number two of the Government and had the portfolios of public works, Parliamentary Affairs and Europeans, and Eduardo Jesus, who was in charge of Economy, Tourism and Culture,

See next the new organic of the XII Regional Government according to the information revealed this afternoon by Fifth Vigia.

President of the Government – Miguel Filipe Machado de Albuquerque


Vice President of Government – Pedro Calado

With the areas of Finance, Economy, Transport and political coordination


Regional Secretariat for Tourism and Culture – Paula Cabaço

With the areas of Tourism, Culture and European Affairs


Regional Secretariat for Inclusion and Social Affairs – Rita Andrade

With the areas of Inclusion, Social Affairs, Housing


Regional Secretariat for Education – Jorge Carvalho

With the area of ​​Education, Youth, Sports, Parliamentary Affairs and Communities


Regional Secretariat for Agriculture and Fisheries – Humberto Vasconcelos

With the areas of Agriculture and Fisheries


Health Secretary – Pedro Ramos

With the areas of Health and Civil Protection


Regional Secretariat for the Environment – Susana Prada

With the areas of Environment, Forests and the Sea


Regional Secretariat of Equipment and Infrastructures – Amilcar Gonçalves

With the areas of Infrastructures and Equipment