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The fire that started in Ribeira Brava yesterday afternoon, was still being fought this morning, by 7 firefighters, and 3 fire engines. No more news on this as the day has passed.


Last night Firefighters of Santa Cruz (BMSC) fought between 22 hours and 03 hours in the morning a large fire in the bush zone, which started in Gaula.

A farmer was taking care of a part of the levada, at about 9.30 pm, and decided to set fire to a part of the bush that was covering the levada.

Recklessly, he set fire to this near a shrubby and lost control of the fire, the Santa Cruz Municipal Firefighters (BMSC) were for almost four hours in combat to extinguish the fire.

Also other fires have been reported in Santa Cruz, Camara de Lobos and other areas, where people are lighting fires, and with such dry weather, the fires get out of control, and needing help from firefighters.

These stupid people are breaking the law, as no fires unless authorised are allowed, and I hope fines are being given to these idiots.