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A tourist of French nationality suffered, in the early evening of Monday, a big fall when he was walking in the path of the Zimbreiros, between Fajã da Ovelha and Paul do Mar, municipality of Calheta.

Calheta Volunteer Firefighters confirmed the 74-year-old foreign citizen, was making that rather steep pedestrian walk in the company of a group when the accident occurred. The tourist will have slipped and fell down the rolling slope for 15 meters.

The Civil Protection alert was given soon after, with the corporation of Calheta triggered, at 18:26, eleven firefighters from the mountain rescue team supported by three vehicles, one of which was an ambulance.

When the firemen arrived at the site, the French citizen was already on solid ground, having been rescued with the support of people from the hiker group.

He appeared to be well enough, despite having suffered bruises on his arms and legs. He was transported in the ambulance to the Ribeira Brava health center where he was observed and received first aid.

Makes you wonder why they would be doing this walk when it’s almost dark.