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The Municipal Firefighters of Machico and SANAS Madeira have recently rescued a German woman, who fell on the path of the Cais do Sardinha, in Caniçal.

The vessel SANAS105 carried out the rescue of a citizen of German nationality who fell on the trail of the eastern tip of Madeira Island, in an operation that still involved the Municipal Firefighters of Machico.

The victim, in her 50s, had a suspected fracture of the tibia / fibula, and was transported  to an ambulance by the Municipal Firemen of Machico, a corporation that carried out the rescue and transportation to the local health center,  and then to the emergency department of the hospital.

Is this the same area on Ponta São Lourenço where all the other falls have taken place recently. It seems that a safety issue needs to be looked at here.???