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This is a translation from DN.

The Madeira government has authorised an increase in the number of beds at the Savoy Palace hotel in Funchal from 828 beds to 1128, according to a resolution published today in the Official Gazette of the Region.

The Madeiran executive argues that the “36% increase” requested by Savoy Investimentos Turísticos, SA, does not interfere with the Tourism Planning Program of the region nor with the Infante’s Urbanisation Plan (PUI), the hotel’s integration site.

In the claims presented for a work that has been widely criticised for the volumetry of the building and its impact on the city’s landscape, the executive observes that “tourist enterprises in urban space must comply with architectural, landscape and environmental requirements, especially with regard to volumetry of buildings that must be integrated into the dominant volumetry of the area in which they are located “.

In addition to the prior justification, the executive also considered that the building in question is not a “dissonant and / or detached element”, as it is covered by the PUI, a plan defined by the Funchal Municipal Council and, as such, decided at the meeting on 04 October of the Governing Council, and not publicized, “to make possible the alteration of the lodging capacity of the tourist enterprise”.

This project has, at the moment, a partial embargo made by the Câmara do Funchal due to disagreements with the approved project, in an embargo made on August 18, 2017, despite the resolution recalling that the “project was approved by the Chamber Municipal of Funchal in meeting of February 12, 2009 “.

Heir to the classic ‘Savoy Hotel’, built in 1912, but demolished in 2009 with a view to a new SIET unit, then owned by Horacio Roque and Joe Berardo, the new Savoy, now owned by AFA – Avelino Farinha Agrela, has deserved several criticisms among which of the Order of the Architects due to their volumetry: 16 floors and 500 rooms with capacity for 1,128 beds, in an investment of more than 99.3 million euros.

The “Savoy Palace” (5 stars) is due to open in the summer of 2018.