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The hot weather that hit the Region in Madeira, especially in the North but also in the South, surpassed the yellow warning level predicted by the IPMA. On the North Coast, Porto Moniz and São Vicente warmed to the red (above 30 degrees), registering as extreme values ​​of the maximum temperature 32.4 and 32.2 degrees, respectively. Also in Santana the heat felt was above the expected, reaching 28.7 degrees of maximum temperature, equivalent to orange warning.

Orange was also the maximum temperatures recorded in two stations of the South Coast: Lido (30.4) and Quinta Grande (30.0).

Of the three regions – North Coast, South Coast and Porto Santo – placed, today and tomorrow, under yellow warning due to the persistence of high values ​​of air temperature, only Porto Santo corresponded to the forecast, reaching 26.6 degrees maximum temperature .

In addition to the extreme values ​​of the maximum temperature passing in several places, ‘far beyond’ the predicted yellow warning, Thursday was also marked by very low values ​​of  humidity. In the three regions of the North Coast, the humidity rate was below 25%, but extreme dryness was recorded in Quinta Grande at (15%) and Santo da Serra (13%).