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The bankruptcy of the Monarch airline may represent a loss of 40 million euros for Madeira. The company brought to the Region close to 40 thousand passengers. The Madeiran hotels suffered with the sudden end of Monarch.

The National Civil Aviation Authority (ANAC) today reported that it has entered into a collaboration agreement with easyJet to allow Portuguese passengers of the bankrupt Monarch Airlines in the UK to return to Portugal.

In a statement, ANAC said that “in order to ensure passenger protection, it has signed a protocol of collaboration with the airline easyJet to facilitate the return of all passengers affected” by the crisis of the airline Monarch Airlines, “to meet in the United Kingdom on October 2, 2017 and with a return trip to Portugal until October 15” this year.

The regulator points out that “all other passengers with marked and confirmed flights, with departures and arrivals after these dates, should apply for reimbursement and compensation”.

The ANAC adds that “for this purpose, the protocol provides for the possibility of returning to Portugal on the easyJet airline, based on ‘rescue tariffs’, and the marking of the trips is done through” the aviation regulator.

“The performance of ANAC, under this protocol, is exceptional in the face of the emergency potential that the situation of the airline Monarch Airlines entails for passengers retained in the United Kingdom who are not able to return to Portugal,” he continues, referring that the passengers covered by the protocol should contact through the electronic address: [email protected]

“ANAC will continue to monitor the situation in liaison with the UK Authority and the European Commission in order to bring passengers who wish to return to Portugal and will inform future developments on its online page if it is justified” , he concludes.

Taken from RTPM