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On a day when the weather forecast did not even contemplate the occurrence of precipitation, the persistent rain that fell late Tuesday afternoon, especially in the area of ​​Funchal, surprised and caught many people unprepared.

According to the records of the almost two dozen meteorological stations scattered throughout Madeira (17), Porto Santo and Selvagens, much of the unforeseen rain fell on Funchal, from the sea to the mountain range, and also with some significance in the Southwest part of the Madeira. Most the eastern side only had a little rain, and the north of Madeira and Porto Santo stayed dry.

The amount of rain that fell in Funchal, should have had a yellow warning  and many took to social media complaining that the streets were flooding, and why have drains not been cleared. Rain water was almost entering the doorways of some shops and restaurants in the old town, and if the rain had been any heavier then there would have been serious problems.