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Some planes have landed, but many haven’t.

At the moment 4 planes are trying to land at the airport in Madeira, winds are still causing problems, and the temperature is very high also, at the moment its almost 33 degrees in Funchal.

It always seems to be a Monday and Tuesday we have these winds and problems at the Airport, I have these two days off, so it is good for me to try and help keep you informed, as there is not any other information as up to date as my blog.

I love also reading all your comments, and it seems Jet2 are coming out on top looking after their passengers, and keeping them informed as much as possible, Where as EasyJet seem to have deserted the airport, and left the passengers to it.

This is a translation from DN

There are at least 10 flights that should have arrived by noon today but have not yet landed at Madeira International Airport – Cristiano Ronaldo. The wind has made some improvements, allowing some landings and take-offs, but the truth is that hundreds of passengers are waiting for information at the airport.

We know that some spent the night at the airport terminal. With the delay of flights, passengers try to get more information and alternatives, but the queues continue to increase. The lack of updating of information is one of the main complaints pointed out by those who should have left Madeira.