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Local builder Nelio Mendes from Ponta Do Sol decided to branch out and spread the word of property development in Madeira at the 2017, `A Place in the Sun Live´ exhibition at the NEC Birmingham last weekend.

The weekend saw 7,031 visitors stream into the exhibition in search of buying advice and the latest properties for sale. Although there were 30 fewer exhibitors than last year, there were 4% more visitors and the 100 stands enjoyed strong footfall and serious interest.

Nelio, represented by Madeira Island Bespoke Villas, enjoyed his first visit to the U.K. and was happy to discuss his high quality properties to interested visitors, many of which were initially there for Spanish and French opportunities.

What was a surprise was the amount of visitors that were not aware of this beautiful island, or if they did, it’s geographical location or the fact it’s even Portuguese. Although Portugal was represented, the stand was the only one devoted solely to Madeira, and enjoyed a lot of interest.

It wasn’t all hard work though, Nelio got to meet most of the presenters of the show and interact with other exhibitors.  During his stay, he got to sample the local food and although the full English breakfast wasn’t his favorite, the fish and chips got a big thumbs up.

The show is back on the island this month filming another couple who have decided Madeira is going to be their dream place to live, hopefully, we will see their progress later on in the year.

For further information, contact Nelio at http://www.gmmadeiravillas.com or the agent at [email protected]