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The former candidate for the presidency of the Municipality of Funchal, Raquel Coelho, was held today “forty minutes” inside the Lido Poente Bathing Complex, because the Frente-Mar employee, a company that manages the complex, closed the space at 19:00 and left, “without checking” if there were still people inside.

Raquel along with her mother and a few tourists with children, were locked in after an employee said they were closing at 7pm, these are the winter closing hours which are now in place as in the summer the complex is open till 8pm.

They started to get dressed and ready to leave, but by the time they had reached the door  the place was locked and the employee had gone.

Raquel tried to call Frente Mar who run the place but no answer  so then called the maritime police who managed to contact someone to let them out,   but who let them out was a different person to who locked it.