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Lack of information seems to be at the top of complaints at the Airport.

Passengers begin to complain about the delay they have in order to travel. According to a source told JM, the Airport and airlines are not informing passengers of any change or solution to the delay.

The movement at Cristiano Ronaldo Airport, having diverted to Porto Santo and Tenerife seven flights, said today an airport source.

According to the same source, this was the situation at 14:00 today, with a Thomas Cook aircraft from Copenhagen diverging to the Porto Santo airport and then to Tenerife in the Canary Islands.

I have been sitting in Santa Cruz, and it is really hard to believe there are so many aborted flights today, there is a stiff breeze, clear blue skies, and very warm, with a temp of 28 degrees in Santa Cruz, so it must be a really hard cross-wind causing the problems.

A total nightmare for passengers, and on top of that the collapse of Monarch which should have seen two flights to the island today.