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Major-General Carlos Perestrelo, Operational Commander and Military Zone of Madeira, believes that the team is able to respond to possible catastrophes or to the well-being of the populations if necessary. The words of this high rank of the Army took place just minutes ago, precisely at the end of an exercise of a team of 15 military personnel that is now enabled with specific training in mountain rescue or in hard-to-reach areas such as the one that can be seen below on the video, between the tunnel of Ponta do Sol and Madalena do Mar.

An action that Major-General Carlos Perestrelo himself witnessed, taking advantage of the fact that “since 2013”, a contingent from the Madeira Military Zone has been perfecting the techniques “if it is necessary for the contingent to be able to support one or another entity, whether it be Civil Protection, Public Security Police or GNR, “he said, applauding the team of trainers who came from the Lamego Special Troops Center of the Rapid Action Brigade.

Translated form the DN