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Translated from DN

The Municipal Council of Santa Cruz promotes, on November 12 (Saturday), a campaign to adopt the animals that are in its Official Collection Center. The campaign will run from 10 am to 6 pm at Lomelino Barreto Square in Caniço.

“The proliferation of wandering animals in many places of our Island, including in the Municipality of Santa Cruz, is a serious problem that the Municipal Council of Santa Cruz has been concentrating efforts on its solution, namely with the Investment made in the construction of the Center of Official Collection of Animals of Company of the Municipality “, emphasises a communique of the autarchy.

Despite being in operation for less than a month, the said Center for Official Collection of Company Animals of the Municipality of Santa Cruz (CRO) “is totally full, with 80 dogs and cats,” said the executive. “We urgently need to find a home that provides them with food, shelter, care and the affection they deserve”, reiterates the same note and underlines that the adoption of the animals in the CRO will allow the Santa Cruz Municipal Council to continue collecting other wandering animals.

Of note, animals for adoption are available with microchip, sterilisation, and first year vaccination protocol at no cost to the adopter.