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AIDAprima, a cruise ship that for the first time calls to the port of Funchal today arriving at 6.57 hours. It has a capacity for 3300 passengers and 900 crew, it leaves tomorrow, at 18 o’clock, for Tenerife.

The ship has a capacity for 3300 passengers.

AIDAprima offers “a whole new dimension of cruising. It was built in Japan and began its first cruise in 2016 with many new attractions aboard. Until November 2017, cruises will begin in Hamburg before the ship sails to the Canary Islands. 3300 passengers can board the 300-meter-long ship. “

The bow of the ship reminds us of the constructions of the 1920s, transporting us to times past in a new and modern concept.

The ship has a gross tonnage of 125572 and an overall length of 299.95 × 37.6. It gives 22 knots (41k / hr).