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This story that the FN has highlighted and has been going round on social media today with hundreds of comments, has really caused a stir, and hopefully will highlight this fact and bring more people out to stand up to bullying.

A full translation of the story is below, but basically the manager of Continente in Ribeira Brava has been criticised for the way she has been speaking to staff. There have been situations where she, Ana (full name widely available on social media) has reduced staff to tears by the way she has spoke to them, and also clients of the store have also complained of the way they are treated, and witnessing the way she treats others.

I for one hope this woman gets what she deserves, and finds herself without a job very soon.


A store director at the “Continente” hypermarket in Ribeira Brava is being criticized by both colleagues and clients for the allegedly authoritarian and arbitrary way she treats staff and even clients.

The subject is being divulged in social networks, by the hand of Mónica Freitas, who witnessed, along with the husband, an occurrence in the respective establishment. One cashier was verbally disregarded by the new store director, whose name is also being featured on social networks, with the FN publishing only the initials, AS. This “intolerable” deal was made in the presence of a line of clients who were preparing to pay for their purchases. When being warned by the customers to the bad example and incorrect attitude towards the employee of the box – already in tears – and even the customers, the new store director will have responded “I do that I send here; I’m doing my job and she (the clerk) is doing her too. ” Then he turned his back on everyone and left. “The couple, outraged,

Days later, the same couple spoke to employees of the same hypermarket who confirm the authoritarianism of the new director, with threats of disciplinary processes, without even taking into account that staff is increasingly scarce to respond to customer requests, working hard beyond what is possible.

For this reason, Mónica Freitas warns in social networks: “How is it possible, in the XXI century, still see this kind of thing? For my part, very few times we will set foot in this establishment … How can the Continent have a director who treats employees like that? We’ve had a business abroad and never treated anyone badly because, for a good business to work, we have to give value and respect the employees so they feel good and like what they do and we all win. This lady will not gain anything if she continues to treat people like this, on the contrary, the workers will become disheartened and angry, not willing to work and this is reflected in everything … “